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Shaoyang and Guangzhou, One Man’s Road to Terror
November 13, 2006

The criminal gang stalking campaign sketched below is a campaign that begins in the central region of Hunan Province China, a place called Shaoyang, were the target was a teacher. A torturous protracted nightly noise campaign disrupts his sleep for more than a year.

After leaving his teaching postition at Shaoyang University, he relocates to the southern city of Guangzhou, the fourth largest city in Mainland China, for a year of language study, and though the torturous noise harassments seem a far away and in the past, his life is slowly visited by a series of mishaps, misfortunes, and an unexplained injury. By the end of his year of study, supposed friends he had met in the second half of the year, have set a stage on whccih we see the target become entangled through set ups, thefts that include his laptop and other expensive items, all leading to the eventual onslaught of an intense gang stalking campaign, one that carefully causes him to feel that he under investigation for suspicions regarding the death of his parents, or is being set up to look as if he had murdered his parents, committed rape and other sorted and grotesque act.

It is not until months later, that he discovers that all he has experienced is part of a phenomena called gang stalking. A simple search on the internet using the words ‘covert, secret harassment’ enlightens him to the facts concerning sick reality brought onto him by organized criminals who are bent on exercising a sadistic psychopathic practice.      

The unfortunate reality is that these exercises in the destruction of innocent peoples lives are happening to individuals in many countries of the world today, especially here in the United States and Canada.

The effects of gang stalking will undoubtedly cause the victim of this horrific crime to appear mentally unstable, for the tactics of psychological harassment, demoralization and dehumanization are so subtle and 100% tailored for the targeted individual, so that a target’s accounts of gang stalking, when heard by others, seems surreal, strange and unbelievable.   

Shaoyang University 2003-2004

I endured a protracted nightly assault that disturbed my sleep for more than an entire year while residing and working at Shaoyang University, in Hunan.

Administration and the English department could do nothing to remove a family living below me who simply rented from a retired teacher. The members of this family ran a gambling hall in their flat most nights of the week in their flat, and it was my inability to get a good nights sleep that caused me to take initiatives to have them stop the activity, in late September of 2003.

The activity was stopped by the school, but a retribution came from the people below me who were now unable to continue the lucrative practice of offering a place for gambling teachers to spend their nights. The retribution came in the form of nightly sleep disturbances throughout my entire experience while working for the school.

When the school moved me to a different building in September of 2004, in an attempt to stop the harassments, the said long time tenant, a teacher, living below the flat that I moved into suddenly moved out, and strangers moved in. Result, the noise campaign continued, and the school could do nothing. No one could tell me who these people living below me where.

The school, in early 2004, tried desperately to have the gambling hall tenants removed, for they had no relation to the school, save for renting from a retired teacher. They were unable to remove them, and encouraged me to be patient, and not to go to the police. By the second half of 2004 the school gave up, and simply began saying that I was too sensitive regarding environment.

The school avoided having the police know about illegal gambling that took place long before I had arrived to the school in late 2003. Thye did this by dissuading me from going to the police to deal with the harassments. The tenants had links, obviously, to some powerful people at the school, otherwise they would have been removed, or reprimanded for harassing a foreign teacher, during the efforts by the English department, and supposedly, the administration.

The people involved in this criminal campaign used gaslighting and psychological tactics in attempts to cause me to feel that I was guilty of, or suspected of, furtively drugging a female visitor, in my flat at 511 Shuangzixincheng, in late September 2005. I have never done such an act in my entire life, nor have I ever been accused of such.

This tactic was to exploit the human guilt complex within an individual from the Judao-christian tradition, and one prone to hyper-sensitivity, as well as to instill an intesne paranoia. The target has never been convicted of any crimes ever, and has spent much of his adult life in teaching and academia.

The twist here is that, the act of furtively sneaking drugs into another persons drinks has been an act, an instrumental one, perpetrated on the target on numerous occations by the criminals involved throughout much of his experience as a victim of gang stalking.  

One night in late September of 2005, two Russian girls and a fellow accompanied me to my home one evening, and this may have been planned by the stalkers, as the third guest, a male, who was not associated with the two girls in my apartment, was asked to leave by the two Russian girls that evening. One of the Russian girls went out to get food early in the moring, and was to return, though she never came back.

Strange, her friend and I thought. Later that week, an article in the newspaper stated that a very drunk caucation women had been picked up while running wildly about the Sun Yet Shan Campus. I thought nothing of it, and eventually friends told me that it was the Russian guest in my home, who never returned.

I thought it was unfortunate, but a little far fetched when considering the following questions: how did my friends know that the girl on the campus was the guest in my flat that night? And why did not the police come to my home for questioning?

It is not so unusual for foriegners, and Chinese for that matter, who have been partying all night, to have some drunk related mishap. Furthermore, why did two Russian girls, who I later found out were prostitutes, want to go home with an American guy they met in a bar, to drink and listen to music, when they could have been taking customers and earning money?  

I was concerned a bit for the unfortunate mishap, for the girls sake, though not for myself, for no foul play was involved, just a night of drinking.

It was all staged and done by design, so it seems. Whether or not a slandering campaign was done, using the fabricated incident of drugging, is unknown. What is certain is that slowly, as the months of fall moved into winter in 2005, friends close to me would make subtle references that were designed to lead me to believe that I was guilty of, or seen as guilty of, drugging. This signifying tactic, directed at me, was subtle but certain, and they increased with frequency as time unfolded, leading eventually to the outright stalking in February of 2006, and my departure from China, which saw me returning to American on the first of March.

Supposed Friends and Criminal Complicity

Instrumental in this campaign was one Sun Yet Shan University student from Hong Kong. This individual is known for putting on parties for the foreign community of Guangzhou, and I even was the dj at one such party that took place in September 2005, in Guangzhou.The Hong Kong student seemed to have gathered together the people close to me at the time, bringing them into the gang stalking campaign, by using slander, perhaps.another person who was crucial to laying the ground work for the organized stalking was a DJ who is alos a teacher in Guangzhou, DJ  TRAVIS, DJ (RCA), who came from Canada, and together with a few other people, lured me into a world of weekend parties and club going. He drugged me one evening while at hsi flat so that he could tamper and destroy my ATM card, which was a precurser to a set up that would follow the next night. 

It is interesting that the crime chosen to creating a peranoia within me, a crime based on fiction in regards to myself, has been a criminal tactic used directly on me by the criminals and the complicit followers involved in this sinister organised stalking, namely sneaking drugs into someones drink. Drugs put in my drinks have been instrumental in the overall assault. I was drugged before my lap top was taken from my flat by a guest in mid February 2006, and I was drugged before my ATM card was tampered with and destroyed by a foreigner in Guangzhou, while I slept as a guest in his flat near the school he teaches at, a school in Guangzhou.
It is difficult to think of who initiated this stalking campaign, but it does seem to have its roots in Shaoyang City,  the Shaoyang University, in Central Hunan, where I was teaching in the years 2003 and 2004.

                     Guangzhou Strange Inturludes 2005 May

I was drugged in a bar, the Baby Face Bar, a popular night spot in Guangzhou. Woke up in the early morning with much blood from my nose covering the shirt I wore. No sign of being hit on the nose.The loss of my ablility to smell resulted from an unknown injury that occured in the 5 hours between the time I was drugged asleep to the time I awoke. The injury seems to have had dubious origins, and intended purpose.I lost my sense of smell due to the injury, but when covert harassment/gaslighting assault began in February of 2006, I began to smellharassment scents, strong strange artificial odors, used by the criminals and the people complicit with them. 

At present, anosmia, inability to smell, remains, though I still detect artifical odors used as an element by harassers and the criminal perpetrators, during their stalking

Guangzhou 2006February

Covert harassment, the initial stalking and gaslighting:  

This began on February 15th of 2006, while in Guangzhou, China. I resided at Shuangzixingcheng, across from the main gate of Sun Yet Shan University, where I had been a student of Chinese during 2005.At this time, after a series of misfortunes that happened within a few days of eachother, friends began gaslighting me. The same friends were the once who set me up for a series of major thefts to be perpetrated against me, the misfortunes that seemed to preface the actual stalking.
The guards of the apartment complex where I lived, Shuanzixincheng, were highly active in the covert assault on me, and they participated in the theft of my laptop, which took place after I had been drugged with sleeping agent by a guest in my flat in the middle of February.Illegal Entry and Invasionof Privacy Shaunzixincheng, Haizhu, Guangzhou, China

My visa had been tampered with during the same time period, as evidence points to the people involved in the covert assault entering and exiting my apartment at will, during my sleep, and during times I was not at home.

This is how they were to leave strong artificial harassment scents on the clothing in my closets, and this is how cigarettes would become laced with something to promote a nerousness and a confused state.Gaslighting, and the manipulation of arranged family photos took place was also done through the illegal entries.

“Preditory gangstalking is, at the least, psychological violence, and at the most, it is a protracted sadistic sociopathic domination and calculated destruction of an innocnet human being for reasons of pleasure, power, and social control…..”    from:

Gang Stalking is an organized criminal assault that uses deception, slander and psychological harassments to destroy the lives of innocent people who may have been targeted for reasons, that involve whistleblowing, activism, outspeoken demeanors, as the target community has come to includes such people.

gang stalking overview:

A difficult reality to believe, but this account displays similarities to the experiences of other gang stalking victims in US, Canada, Japan, Europe, as well as many other countries. What we see is a crime with an international dimention, where a perpetrations of gang stalking will follow a victim, from city to city, and from county to country. There are victims all over the world.

The perpetrators of the crime detailed above are serious criminals who have done great damage, and the acts done are serious crimes by any measure 

  Gang stalking can go well beyond harassments, and slander. I have experienced physical injury, druggings, strange covert fumes to cause numbness, nervouness, and confusion, strong artifical scents, alteration of taste in foods and drinks, and intnesely calculated psychological abuse.

It is an absurd reality, and a great injustice, that one man has suffered all displayed above, and that the people involved in perpetrating this crime see themselves as healthy morally upright individuals. The sick reality is that the perpetrators possibly exercised all they did with pleasure.

Preying on the defenseless is a kind of rape, a molestation, and is a crime based on power, and malicious, sadistic drives.

Gang stalking is a living nightmare for so many innocent people, and our only defense is exposing the crimes committed, and those responsible.